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RE-SET 2023
Spring Cleanse 
April 23-30

Why You Should Join This 8-Day Cleanse.
Learn to cook, taste and purify your body through food. 

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda helps us hit the reset button in our modern busy world. A time to balance ourselves with the change of the seasons. Our bodies become heavy with the additional fats and weight (so normal!) that we store during winter. The junction between seasons is a good time to give your gut a break and heal itself. 

Couple the clean seasonal food with Dinacharya, the self-care practices that help you detox and hydrate your body from the outside in and from the inside out, and you will sense a sustainable renewed energy and lightness in your body and spirit after the cleanse is over.

These results may include improvement in;

* digestion, elimination, and regularity

* body weight

* metabolism regulation

* allergy symptoms

* mood

* Sleep

* brain function

* immune system regulation

* energy levels and endurance

The Cleanse Includes:

  • Cleanse Tool-Kit filled with Spring Recipes and Instructions

  • 1-hour Ayurvedic Consult with Custom Dietary and Lifestyle advice 

  • Fall grocery list 

  • Printable daily routines

  • Meal Planner

  • Self Care Log

  • Symptoms Checklist

  • Daily support

  • Instructional videos for cooking and self-care practices


Inner Path Remedies
Self-Care Products made by me from my Medicinal Garden are Available for Sale


  • Abhyanga Oil $8

  • Muscle Healing Salve $15

  • Tea Blend $5

  • Tulsi Tincture $15

  • Triphala $2.50

  • Trikatu (a blend of black pepper, ginger, and long pepper) $2.50

  • and Anuntamul (delicious post-cleanse milk treat) $2.50


Herbal Tea

What Cleansers have to say about the experience!


"Laurie has guided me through few cleanses. Surprisingly, I have found the longer cleanse to be most beneficial. It was when I was past day three where I could really feel the change in my body and my mind. That momentum guided me through. The coaching along the way and the knowledge others were taking the journey with me made it a very fulfilling experience. I look forward to my next cleanse."  

 Kelly K



Your gut needs a break! Digestion gets clogged over time and it's good to eat clean for a bit to give your system an opportunity to clear itself out. The transition time between seasons is the ideal time for cleansing. 




Gas and bloating

Lingering congestion

Sluggish appetite or bowels

Feel stressed out

Poor concentration

Lack of energy/often feel tired

Skin problems

Sleep issues


This self-guided cleanse allows you to learn and experience all 5 of your senses as you create simple delicious meals and practice self-care rituals. You will re-awaken your digestive system with this 8-day self-guided cleanse and  rebuild your ojas and vitality. 


This cleanse includes the following:

Delicious and easy-to-digest meal & drink recipes, a grocery list, a self-care log for purification and renewal, a symptoms checklist, energy breathwork, seated meditations, mindful eating, and recorded videos to learn how to cook Kitchari and self-care rituals. 


This is 8 days of suggested practices, rituals, and instructions for simple meals, teas, and drinks. I will provide you with a way to monitor your psycho-emotional and physical changes with a symptoms checklist for pre and post-cleanse assessment.


The cost is $125.00
$100 if You Have Cleansed With Me Before

You will receive  the Tool Kit with all Information and Recipes 

A Restorative Yoga Class, 9:30 am Sunday Afternoon April 30th to Celebrate Your Success!

This is an opportunity to participate by making your own food and join into our community to cleanse and reawaken the soul. Feel free to share this offer with anyone who may benefit from these practices.

Ayurveda empowers your to take control of your lifestyle in all ways
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