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Laurie Glass

Hey, I'm Laurie!

I found that living a life with fresh whole foods, plants, herbs, and movement as medicine allows me to be in balance with the elements of nature and to live my life to its fullest ... strong and healthy and enjoying the journey of following my dreams.

I teach empowering strategies for optimal health from the wisdom of Ayurveda mindfulness and yoga and also from my clinical experience and observations of working with patients in rehabilitation as a therapist.  

I have always loved creativity and design with clothes, my home, and food!  My early career was creating a fashion line for a large retail store. I was always drawn to crafts and planting herbs in my garden and teas! Serendipitously, I took a yoga class and this changed the trajectory of my path. I went back to school and became a Physical Therapist Assistant and a certified yoga instructor. I continued my studies as a dedicated student. I started studying Ayurveda and herbalism because of my love and practice of yoga, but also because of a health incident that has left me vulnerable.  About seven years ago, I have diagnosed with bacteremia and endocarditis a blood and heart infection that my immune system was unable to detect and fight on its own.  Since that onset, I now need to take antibiotics for all my dental appointments for the rest of my life. Antibiotics are known for their deleterious effect on the digestive system, which left me concerned.  I set off determined to heal and protect my gut! 


The traditional healthcare system was unable to provide any viable options for healing and maintaining healthy gut flora. I started searching and I found it through Ayurveda. There is a lot of information out there about nutrition and wellness. How to find the right path and right sources to reach your goals can be confusing.  I have found that the best person to understand your body …. is you! You are the expert. Working with an Ayurvedic practitioner is the first step in reclaiming your health. As your Ayurvedic health counselor, I’m supporting your goals through education of the rhythms of nature and how your connection with nature shapes your well-being.  I will be your guide as you discover your inner wisdom and learn the art of listening to your body. Our body provides us with messages and clues about what it needs and the more we feed our inner sanctuary with good fuel the clearer our choices and intuitions become.  


The Ayurvedic system is not a universal diet or one system that fixes all answers, it literally means “the science of life.”  This system looks at each individual with all our likes and dislikes and influences.  It integrates the seasonal changes of the earth and our life stages on how to care for ourselves. 


Diet and lifestyle are the foundational medicines in ayurveda. The universe has provided us with all the medicine we need for healing in our plants and food. A consultation with an Ayurvedic Health Counselor will put you on track to building a more connected and sustainable daily routine designed for your whole body, mind and soul and your goals in life with your particular health concern.


In Ayurveda, we work together to determine your Dosha which is your particular constitution. We review the present state of where you are in life and its challenges. As your Ayurvedic Health counselor, I will guide you with creating a custom plan of care including, food, herbs, meditation, movement, and self-care. Together we will support your health and goals in this fast-paced modern world. 

My Credentials

Life  Experience

  • Susquehanna University BS in Business Administration + with a focus on Marketing

  • Buyer of Handbags and Hosiery at Thom McAn Footwear

  • Physical Therapist Assistant 


Yoga + Wellness Education

  • Essex County College, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant, Magna Cum Laude

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, 500 hr. + 200 hr. Kripalu Yoga

  • C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

  • Cornell University: Nutrition + Holistic Healthy Living Certificate

  • Herbalist completed a 3-year apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennet

  • Certified in Meeks Method, Level 1 – Osteoporosis • CPR/AED & BLS


Ayurvedic Education

  • National Ayurvedic Medical Association Certification

  • Kripalu School of Ayurveda: Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor

  • Foundations of Ayurveda with Kripalu School of Ayurveda 

  • Microbiome Intensive w/Dr. Scott Blossom

  • Ayurveda and Mental Health w/Dr. Scott Blossom

  • Herbalism + Female Physiology Intensive w/Adena Bright

I founded The Inner Path to work with women who are committed and ready to participate in a sustainable lifestyle change that facilitates healing and connection to the inner wisdom of the body and the body's inner beauty, regardless of age. The culmination of my personal life experience and my observations in my professional clinical environment will help guide you in balancing your life through Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.  I can help you achieve more energy and strength, and how to make choices that honor your inner sanctuary and to connect with your authentic self. Ayurveda, Therapeutics, and Food as Medicine work to treat the whole person. The Ayurvedic and Yogic teaching addresses all aspects of you: physical, energetic, emotional, social, and spiritual, not just the symptoms. 

I am passionate about the healing powers of Ayurveda and yoga and about the power of food as medicine. I love creating healing foods, growing herbs in my garden, and creating medicinal self-care products. 

with Laurie Glass
Laurie Glass - Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist
I teach empowering strategies for optimal health from the wisdom of Ayurveda mindfulness and yoga and also from my clinical experience and observations of working with patients in rehabilitation as a therapist.
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