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The Inner Path Cleanse

Private Guided Cleanse 

This plan integrates gentler and sustainable routines, with equal attention to mind and body. The goal during this cleanse time is to have the mind and body relaxed so that the toxins are able to flow out of your system. Customize to your schedule and needs, from three to nine days  with a pre and post cleanse period. you  experience the effects of elimination and an increased digestive fire. This is a whole-body approach to cleansing and rejuvenation. In Ayurveda, there are specific foods for your dosha. This cleanse is tridoshic, safe and efficient for everyone. I will provide you with a shopping list and everything you need to prepare for a self-guided cleanse. 

The Cleanse includes 8 components: recipes for meals and drinks, a self-care log, symptom checklist, energy breath work, seated meditations, mindful eating, and guided emails.



Please contact me personally at if you want a private cleanse guide. 

Laurie Glass

Why I Cleanse

Cleansing two to three times a year for me is like hitting the Re-Set button. After several years of incorporating this practice into my self-care routine, I have come to fully understand the benefits both physically and emotionally. The seasonal cleanse practice has led me to re-think my relationship with food. When I choose heathy simple foods, it has an immediate impact on my physical body. I have more energy, a sense of lightness and increased clarity.

Our yoga practice teaches us that without awareness there is no choice. Being mindful of the food I intake from the external world, has shed layers of stress and restored my vitality. My body is my inner sanctuary and cleansing directs my awareness to nurturing the whole self for optimal health.


“I have done cleanses before, but this cleanse combined with Laurie’s meditative yoga class was wonderful! Not only were the prepared juices and food really tasty and satisfying, the restorative yoga instruction was relaxing and left me feeling very refreshed and renewed! I highly recommend this cleanse for anyone who wants to jumpstart their path to a healthy lifestyle!”


mung rice

“I felt energized . A few weeks of feeling lighter in mind body and soul . Can't wait to do it again!  Thanks Laurie”



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