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Movement as Medicine

 I can teach you how to reverse the aging process with sustainable lifestyle changes. My ‘medicine’ is complementary to traditional medicine and creates more time for people to live in HEALTH rather than in DISTRESS. I can help accelerate the healing process and save you time if you do face an illness or a medical condition.  Experience the wholistic wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda and nutrition. You will feel 20 years younger and demonstrate improved  strength, posture, balance, flexibility and vitality. Now is the time to reverse patterns of behaviors that will manifest in chronic poor health issues. Live your life with ease, grace, limitless energy and a positive body image. 

Yoga at Home


        We want to spend the most amount of time we have on this earth living a vibrant life. Yoga Therapy is a practice that allows you to re-define your beliefs and make lifestyle  changes that improve your physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, and spiritual balance and ease in you body. Yoga Therapy provides awareness and possibilities of how  wellness and prevention can lead to a better quality of life.

          The body is an evolving being, with multiple systems integrated and interdependent. It requires observation, maintenance, quality fuel, and balance for all systems to run smoothly in order to perform their best . Our level of participation in this practice is essential to our health, wellness and prevention. Shedding stress and increasing vitality at all layers of the body brings health to the mind.

          As humans we are complex with many layers, in the yogic system 5 sheaths or layers of the body are recognized; the physical body- all psychological systems, the energetic body-breath, the psycho-emotional body- freedom from emotional response and stress, the wisdom body – recognizing patterns of behavior that hold us back and can be identified for transformation, and the bliss body – understanding our true nature.

          Movement as Medicine is more than a “work-out” it is a discipline and a choice that facilitates awareness to the relationship with our body.

           Invest in yourself, open and connect to your inner witness, build your skills of observation, recognize resistance and energy blocks and allow the body to tone, strengthen, stretch and relax. Transform your mind set and be grateful for all that you are.

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