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Utilizing my skills as a yoga therapist and physical therapist assistant I use a fine-tuned understanding of the body to teach a variety of yoga therapy workshops. A variety of classes are listed below, but find my next info for my next workshop on the events tab!

1.  Yoga Therapy for a Healthy Back - This class uses a combination of postures, ball therapy, breath work and meditation to permit relaxation, well-being, emotional attunement and back health.  


2.  Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis - Learn how yoga provides bone and muscles strengthening, weight bearing to build healthy bones and reduce stress hormones. This class is a moderate yoga flow for a current yoga practitioner with Osteoporosis/Osteopenia or anyone interested in evaluating their osteoporosis risk and maintaining strong bones.

3.  Yoga Therapy for Ageless Vitality – This is geared towards the 40+ year old student who wants to maintain physical, mental and emotional health as they age. This workshop is designed for all levels of practitioners, offering modifications for beginners and challenging work to deepen the practice for all experience levels.  Use the tools of yoga for strengthening, postural improvement, balance, flexibility and stress management, as you learn more of the science behind successful aging.


4.  Yoga Therapy for Better Sleep - Sleep is one of the three pillars that endow the body with strength, physical and spiritual health and vitality. Come to a relaxed, intimate, small group environment and learn how to make sleep a priority. This class includes restorative asana, conscious relaxation, and prana Vida

5.   Yin and Ball Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Holistic Solutions - Relax and Release your whole body through yoga therapy. Combining ball therapy release, restorative and yin postures, Reiki, mindful meditation and visual imagery.  Let this stress relieving practice shift your perspective and allow for acceptance and gratitude.

For those interested in hosting a workshop or collaborating on a series, I welcome queries to be emailed to me at 

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